About us

Our name originated from a barn, where in 2001 we started our mission to keep classics on the road. As we began working on our own private collection, over time we expanded in order to accomodate mechanical works, bodyworks and motorcycles. Our barn is professionally equiped to renovate your classics efficiently and to the highest of standards. To see some of our work, click here or come and pay us a visit in Łąsko Małe.

What do we do?


We do full bodywork restorations according to the highest standards. This guarantees not only great visual effect, but also durability of the renovated shell.

Mechanical service

We mostly do complex mechanical restorations. However, we also enjoy doing regular maintenance of your cars.


We are happy to provide transportation services to you, thanks to our onsite trailer.

Engine tuning

This includes:
- tuning carburetors
- verification and adjustment of ignition distributors
- setting adjustable cam pulleys


We prepare cars for motorsport. This includes: adapting shells to FIA "J" appendix standard (including roll cage installation), building race engines, manufacturing cerametallic (paddle) clutch plates and performance clutch covers.


We build and service bikes.


Ford Escort MK2

Ford Escort MK2

Full bodywork, engine modification, suspension modification, rollcage, new wiring. Click for more pictures.

Nysa 522

Nysa 522

Full engine rebuild, suspension overhaul, breaks refurbishment. Click for more pictures.

Honda CX500

Honda CX500

Complete build. Click for more pictures.

Cerametallic clutc

Cerametallic clutch

Number of paddles and dampening springs as requested by the customer.

Ford Capri MK3

Ford Capri MK3

Complex overhaul.

BMW 2002

BMW 2002

Engine rebuild, suspension overhaul, breaks refurbishment, bodywork and paint.

Opel Kadett

Opel Kadett

Preparation of the shell for motorsport use, roll cage installation. Click for more pictures.

Meet the crew


Szczepan Kosiak

Our main mechanic and body man who built the barn from the bottom up. His dedication for classic cars means that he spends more time inside the garage than out.



Our helping hand, when Szczepan's two are not enough.



"Beware of the dog"... as he always wants to play.



When it comes to old Mercedes, Kris is our subject matter expert.



Part time help, mostly with online research, finding information and the parts we need. During the weekends he occupies the garage on the other side of our barn.

Contact Barn Born Classics

E-mail: biuro@bbclassics.pl

Phone: +48 668 433 422